This Doggy is so Full of Love That He Entrusts His Dad Enough to Catch Him When He Falls Into His Arms!

girl kissing dog

There is nothing greater than a doggy's love and affection. After you bring home a fur child, it's hard not to fall in love with and be appreciative that he's now in your life. In return, doggies love feeling the same way about their owners too!

Well, get ready to meet one doggy that is full of love and trust! Meet Watson, the adorable Golden Retriever. He is quite a trusting pooch and isn't afraid to show it! What does he do to show his mom and dad that he implicitly trusts them?!

Well, the fact that he has SO much trust really shows how much he can rely on his owner! LOL!

When you see Watson do this funny trust trick, you'll be surprised! There is such an amazing bond between Watson and his owners! It is truly incredible to witness!

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