(VIDEO) 5-Month-Old Pug Puppy Barks. How His Baby Bark Sounds? I’ve Never Heard Anything SO Cute in All My Life!

pug puppy barking

How does a baby Pug sound at five months? Squeaky, high-pitched? Timid? Loud? Aggressive? Commanding? It usually depends on the dog breed, but some are definitely more active than others.

In regards to the puppy, you'll soon “meet” on today's video, you’re about to find out. Listen to baby Carlos as he shows off his vocal talents for all curious audiences to hear. He's VERY entertaining, to say the least! LOL!

He seems a little annoyed, though. Maybe we should ask him to elaborate while he voices his concerns? He appears to have a lot to say to those that have wronged him.

Take a listen! Baby Carlos has the most adorable cry of irritation that you’ll ever hear! Visit the next page to watch him go at it! It's hilarious and adorable simultaneously!

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