(VIDEO) Frenchie Puppy is Taking a Nap When Dad Wakes Him Up. How He Shows His Annoyance? Cutest Tantrum Ever!

Angry Puppy

Sleeping is grand…until you get woken up, that is.

What do you do when you’ve awoken a sleeping beast? I’m not talking about lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). I’m talking about when the beast is an adorable French Bulldog puppy!

Frenchies are usually as sweet as can be, but you might want to hide from this one. He is truly indignant from being woken up during his nap, and he is taking it out on his owners that dared to disturb him. Oh no! LOL!

Just wait until you see what he does to act out and tell his owners that they should never disturb him again. You won't believe this!

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