(Video) A Security Camera Shows a Dog Sneaking Into Hospital. Now Watch Where This Smart Dog Goes…


There are times when we simply do not know what goes through a dog’s mind, how they amass information, all having to do with loneliness, scent, and a drive to get somewhere they feel they need to be. They are truly remarkable creatures.

If ever you saw the big screen flicks Homeward Bound, or the original Lassie, movies dealing with true situations, minus the talking dogs and cats (!), we know that animals have it in them to do extraordinary things. They can travel crazy distances, just to be with the ones they love.

Take Sissy, a real life modern day Schnauzer who one day discovered her pet-parent was missing and decided to do something about it. Sissy might not have known she was ill, or maybe DID know, but when Mom was in hospital while being treated for Cancer, Sissy knew she could not leave her alone.

After the break, go over to the next page and see where Sissy’s miles long travel took her, showing us some awesome hospital video, of a pooch who could not be anywhere where Mom was not!

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