(Video) A Day in the Life of Piper the Yorkie Brings a Smile to Our Faces!

Piper the Yorkie

What does your daily routine look like? For humans, it involves tasks like taking a shower, making breakfast, heading to the office and exercising. Without our routine, we might be late or miss important appointments.

We like knowing that we have our own daily schedule of events to keep ourselves accountable and efficient. But what about dogs?

Doggies seem to wake up at exactly the same time each morning, know what comes after a morning walk (food!) and notice when their meals are late.

Piper the Yorkie and her human parents give us daily routine goals by taking us along on a typical day. Human “Day in the Life” videos are popular on YouTube so it was adorable to see Piper's routine for a change!

Head over to the next page to watch what a day in the life of Piper the Yorkie looks like! She's so photogenic!

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