(VIDEO) This Mischievious Frenchie is a Thief. When You See What He Stole? What a Little Trouble Maker!

puppy thief

Tisk Tisk! This puppy is a troublemaker! LOL! Luckily, he's the fun kind of troublemaker!

It's hard to stay mad when you've got a pair of big brown puppy dog eyes staring at you! Sometimes, doggies just need to make a mess and learn things the hard way. Even if it means making their pet parents a little upset in the process, LOL!

Well, this adorable Frenchie has a very mischievous side, and he isn't afraid to show it! When you see what this adorable thief steals from his parents, you're going to laugh!

It looks like he's a furry tornado of destruction! LOL! He doesn't hold back either! Just watch him!

This adorable Frenchie has a knack for stealing lots of things! Watch what he sneakily takes on this comical video on the next page!

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