(VIDEO) A Doggie Shows a Baby How to Rollover. Will the Baby Copy Him? You’re Never Going to Believe THIS!

Sheltie teaches baby to roll over

When a new member of the family gets to the point where he or she is starting to learn things it takes ALL members of the family to take on a teaching role. Normally, in this case, we would be talking about a puppy and how Mom, Dad and kids will get together to teach him all sorts of wonderful tricks.

However, in this case, we are talking about a baby – a human baby – and it is not just the family teaching the all-important “roll over” but also the canine member of the family!

Meet Link, a Shetland Sheepdog, who loves baby Holland enough show him at least one of the tricks arsenal. After all, the baby is just lying there. Training him to turn over should be a cinch!

Go over to the next page and see how Link does with his human puppy on this fun-loving video!

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