(Video) This Doggie’s First Swimming Experience is Seriously Melt Worthy. Aww!

benji swims

Seeing doggies experience certain things for the very first time is very heartwarming! They are just so excited and eager to experience something new! LOL! It's just too cute to watch!

Benji the pooch is going swimming for the very first time! He is all prepared with his adorable life vest! LOL! It's one of those adorable vests with a shark fin on the back of it and it's SO cute!

Later on in the video when you see him see the water for the first time, your heart will melt!

You get to see him explore the beach and see who the water feels beneath his paws! LOL! It is one adventure that is definitely memorable for this pup. You need to see his reaction!

Watch Benji the pooch explore the water and go swimming for the first time on one adorable video on the next page!

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