(Video) Border Collie Puppies and Their First Time Interacting With Ducks Is SO Cute!

duck dog

Once again, dogs continue to make the most unlikely animal friends! LOL! When a curious pooch is nose to nose with another animal, they just can't help but make a new friend! LOL!

It's always such a treat to see different animal species get along so well!

When these Border Collie puppies meet some friendly ducks for the first time, you'll be grinning from ear to ear! LOL! That's how cute they all are!

At first, in the video, the ducks are a little unsure about their new furry pals, but these doggies soon change their minds! LOL!

You need to watch this hilarious first-time interaction! These ducks sure know how to show these puppies a good time! LOL! They're all so cute!

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