(Video) Listen Up! This Pug Has Something to Announce and How He Does it Is Hysterical!

dexter and TV

We all know that one person that always has something to say about a particular situation. They're very opinionated and like to be heard! LOL!

Well, it also happens to be the case in the animal kingdom! LOL! Take this Pug for example! Dexter the Pug is watching TV, and he is not happy about a certain episode.

When you see what he gets all riled up about, you'll be hysterically laughing! There is no way that this Pug is going another moment without letting everyone know how he feels. It's hilarious!

It's impossible to ignore Dexter! Hear this pooch out for Pete's sake!

Watch Dexter the Pug become riled up and express his opinion in a hilarious way on the video on the next page!

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