(Video) Funny Dog Has the Most Adorable Reaction When it’s Time to Hit the Road

Quincy's Road trip

A quick road trip for any dog is a thrill. They love being included!

Okay. Some may be slightly leery because the last time they jumped into the car they were driven to the Vet. Those shots hurt!

But yes, for the most part, our dogs love to go anywhere we go and when we include them they are positively thrilled. After all, it is obvious Mommy or Daddy loves them enough to want to keep their company.

Little Quincy in no exception. He and his Daddy are set to drive who knows where but it really doesn’t matter to him. Quincy is up for the adventure, nearly as much or maybe even more than Dad!

On the next page take a look at this adorable pooch, the way he expresses his joy, and try to decide, who is having more fun. Is it Dad or Quincy?!

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