(VIDEO) 7-Week-Old Pug Puppies Chase Toddler Around Like He’s Their Pack Leader. This is the Cutest Thing I’ve EVER Seen!

puppies following little boy

When we were little, we wanted nothing more than to grow up, to show we had wit and adult power. We wanted to be the leader of our destiny and have friendly underlings fall into line, needing our guidance and strength!

For one little boy, this commitment comes much sooner in life than he ever suspected! He has four little puppies who respect and adore him more than he ever thought possible!

The problem is, they want constant attention! Certainly, they get under foot, but this is the responsibility a pack leader must undertake if he is going to be a good example to his friends and followers!

To watch an enjoyable video featuring a boy and his dogs go to page two. It is sweet, funny, and thoroughly pleasing. How can it be otherwise when it features a little boy and puppies!?

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