8 Reasons Why Someone Should NEVER Consider Getting a Pug

Pugs are a dog breed that people everywhere adore. With this dog's fun personality, big eyes, curly tail, and friendly demeanor, it's hard not to notice a Pug.

But let's get real. We have a hard time understanding why this breed is so popular. And for those who already have a Pug, why do Pug owners think they can treat their Pug like a child?! Really?!

That's why we believe that it's vital to warn you that if you're thinking about getting a Pug you shouldn't. We're obligated to tell you why this is such a bad idea. Because after all, Pugs do not make good pets. It's that simple.

Seriously — who wants to be stuck with a silly fur ball like this? He's just going to have a blast chewing up your sheets, playing with the toilet paper and peeing on your carpet.

pug chewing on sheets

On the next page, check out some important reasons why a person should not get a Pug. If you're considering adopting a Pug, you should definitely change your mind. The following truths will hopefully sway you otherwise! 

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