(VIDEO) Dog Blocks Traffic and Falls Asleep Against the Supermarket Door Entrance Because Why Not? LOL!

dog falls asleep on door

It's true what they say about letting sleeping dogs lie. LOL! In this case, nothing seems to bother this very tired pup!

It's nap time for him and he doesn't care where he is because it's time to sleep! You won't believe where this sleepy pooch decides to rest his head after a long day of doing pup things.

Does he get in the way? Yes, he sure does, but he's not about to let that stop him from dozing off. LOL!

Watch this ridiculous pooch catches some zzz's at the supermarket. You can practically hear him snoring!

Watch what happens when one tired pup decides to doze off in the middle of a supermarket entrance on the next page! This is hilarious!

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