(VIDEO) Bulldog Mom Pats Her Puppy on the Head. How He Responds? You’ve Never Seen a Temper Tantrum Like THIS!

bulldog puppy attitude

My my! This Bulldog puppy has got some serious attitude! LOL!

When a mommy makes sure her newborn pup doesn't behave out of line, she takes matters into her own hands. Disciplining her baby is important, so he doesn't grow up to be troublesome.

However, when she shows her puppy that it's not ok to act out, this puppy voices his opinions right away! LOL! It looks like this mommy might need some professional nanny help.

There's nothing keeping this puppy from misbehaving, not even his tough mommy! Haha!

In fact, you won't believe the huge tantrum this tiny pup can throw! For being so little, he sure has a big personality!

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