(VIDEO) Giant Dog Just Wants a Hug From His Dad. What Happens Next? I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

giant dog hug

What does your doggy do to show you he wants some love? When this large pooch tells his owner he wants some love, you'll never guess what happens next. Enjoy as you watch this adorable moment unfold and how one large dog manages to get lots of love from his Daddy!

AWW! Wasn't that adorable! i mean, it looked a little uncomfortable for the doggy owner but it's all for love! LOL! I just couldn't believe what a big baby that St. Bernard was! LOL!

If you have a big dog, how do you go about hugging him? Some owners can stand up and hug their dog just like a human and it is quite the site! Maybe this dog Dad should try this technique next time!

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