(Video) This Frenchie Knows Exactly What the Phrase “Dog Park” Means. When He Hears It? OMG!


Many dogs are incredibly smart when it comes to knowing they're about to go on a walk or on an excursion to one of their favorite places such as the lake or the dog park.

In fact, simply holding up a dog's leash or just saying the word “walk” can send some canines into a frenzy! That's certainly the case with these adorable

French Bulldogs, who are in for the surprise of their lives when their owner announces they're going to the dog park.

These two seemingly mild-mannered pups get quite excited when their human says those two magical words. There they are, sitting in the car just as calm as can be when their owner says that wonderful phrase that completely changes everything.

Immediately they transform into two whining, fussing hounds who can't wait to arrive at their favorite destination in the whole wide world! We couldn't help but smile when we saw how excited and happy these two pooches got. Those are two lucky little dogs!

To see the amazing and endearing response these two dogs had when they were told they were going to the dog park, please continue to the next page to watch the incredible video.

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