(VIDEO) A Pug Puppy Gets His First Bath. How He Handles It? Cute Factor Alert!

Felix the pug gets his first bath

Puppies, like children, have definite likes and dislikes. However, it’s always important to introduce them to something new; different toys, new outside interests, eventually school… elementary or obedience. But then there are the simpler things like cleaning their room or area and making certain their toys are where they should be at the end of the night.

Oh yes, then there is the bath.

The first bath for a human baby is a somewhat simple thing. They enjoy the warm water against their skin and splashing – not to mention the closeness with Mom and Dad. It’s when they get older that it becomes tougher to get them in the tub.

With doggies, it’s the opposite. At a few weeks old the idea of a bath is a bit daunting. They understand just enough to know they are being treated oddly and they simply are not sure they like it. They much rather play with their toys than be in that big tub surrounded by water. It’s much less scary!

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