(VIDEO) You Can’t Help But Sigh With Delight When You See This Pug’s Reaction Over a Tasty Orange Snack

Citrus orange Pug

Anticipation can be an almost palatable thing. Even for a dog! They see something in front of them, knowing it's coming their way, nearly smelling or tasting it – but should they be afraid?

What is this odd new thing? “What if I start to taste it and discover it’s not any good?” What if it’s not food after all?

For some pups, that is not an issue. We’ve seen pooches wolf down burger patties without a second taste. We had a German Shepherd who once ate a full wedge of neglected cake in seconds – and that included the wax candle that was on top of it!

However, for the more choosey pup, the ones who wait until something good is presented to them, we give you the wonderful video over on the next page. This is not a doggie that will be pressed into eating a new snack until he is ready for it.

But once he does… Well, just go over to the next page and watch the video!

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