(Video) It’s Hard to Believe, But This Owner Trained Her Pug to Smile! Wow!

pug smile


When we adopt a dog we know what we are going to do. Besides love and care for him or her, we are going to teach tricks! Oh, it will be the easy ones first; sitting, laying down, rolling over and the ever-adorable handshaking.

After that, we will graduate to the big things like back flips, balancing a ball on his nose, and speaking on command. Not barks but words! LOL!

Okay, maybe we expect a little more than we should from our dogs and ourselves but the ambition is there and that’s fun. When we see people on TV or in the movies teach their animals crazy tricks we sometimes feel a little insignificant when we recall how long it took Spot to show us he needed a bathroom trip outside.

But then we have the pug pup on the next page. He is adorable on his own but when he smiles – and yes, we mean smiles – he is the sweetest thing on four paws. Go take a look!

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