(Video) Ralph the Frenchie is Totally Passed Out. How He Finds THIS Position Comfy? I Have No Idea!

Ralph sleeping Frenchie

An afternoon snooze always sounds like a good idea. Taking a break from the day's hectic schedule can do wonders for your energy levels and mood! We can all agree with that, right?! LOL!

When it comes to puppies, they certainly feel the same way. You're about to meet Ralph the Frenchie pup, and he is absolutely exhausted! LOL!

After a long day of chasing cats and his tail, he needs to some shut eye. LOL! However, what makes this pup truly hilarious is the way he sleeps.

There is no way this pooch can be comfortable in this position, but he makes it look like it is! What a silly doggy!

Watch how Ralph the Frenchie decides to take a nap on the hilarious video on the next page!

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