(Video) Dad Asks His Pug if She’s Hungry. How She Says Yes? Beyond ADORABLE!



As with any living being, a dog has certain wants and needs. As they grow older as pup and pup-parent get to know each other, we come to an understanding of play, walk, and food. Actually, any number of needs can be met with a simple look or moan from our doggy.

Unfortunately for the young, a puppy that has just been introduced to a new family, there is still a learning curve. We may think we know what they want, mostly that they want to be cuddled, but that whine could very well be a call for water or foo or even asking you to roll that ball on the floor like you did yesterday. We simply do not yet know what Fido wants – but that is okay.

Nine times out of ten the puppy doesn’t mind. They can be easily distracted by another event.

However, on the next page, we have a cute little pug that is sticking to his guns. His tummy is growling and wants to eat! Watch as he tries with all his might to let Daddy know that it is dinnertime!

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4 thoughts on “(Video) Dad Asks His Pug if She’s Hungry. How She Says Yes? Beyond ADORABLE!

  1. Feed the puppy. Do you like being hungry? Your dog doesn’t either. I don’t find this video funny or amusing. It’s cruel to treat your dog like this. Why don’t you give the puppy to someone who will appreciate love and take care of it. Grrrrr

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