[VIDEO] Mika the Blue French Bulldog and Friends Love to Cruise Around… And We Love to Watch Them!

Mika the blue French Bulldog

Get ready to meet Mika, the adorable Blue Frenchie! She has everyone around her entertained as she explores all the new sights and smells. Watch her and her siblings get into all sorts of shenanigans together.

As each day goes by, you get to see Mika the blue French Bulldog grow a little. She's a cutie who loves to wrestle with her brothers and nibble on anything she can get her tiny paws on.

Mika is very curious, and it's so funny watching her wobble her way around her home. Let's hope her tiny legs get stronger soon so she won't stumble as much!

Get a load of Mika as she has tons of cute puppy adventures after the break. You won't be able to resist this cutie.

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