(VIDEO) Misa Minnie Might Be the Smartest Puppy in the World!

Misa Minnie

Misa Minnie is a 7-month-old Yorkie puppy who just loves treats, training, and California sunshine. Judging by some of the impressive tricks she pulls off which includes jumping on command, bowling and praying, you can tell this little cutie knows what she is doing!

Of course, her parents definitely helped her learn all of the tricks, but Misa Minnie is smart for catching on so quickly! I'm sure it took a lot of practice and perhaps even a lot of treats…you don't learn all of these tricks overnight! Just wait until you see them all – amazing!

With her smarts and how cute she is, you could argue she's the world's smartest puppy!

You need to see this cutie named Misa Minnie to believe it, though; watch the video on the next page and prepare to be entertained!

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