(VIDEO) Pug Puppies Get Belly Rubs With a… Toothbrush?! LOL!

pug belly rub

It isn't hard to please a puppy when it comes to belly rubs. However, getting a good massage with a toothbrush seems to rub these Pug puppies the right way! LOL!

During a good play session, these adorable puppies get the treatment of a lifetime! Watch how they react when their owners decide to give them a belly rub with some soft toothbrushes.

This cute cuddle session will have you laughing! You won't be able to resist these cuties as they get their rub on with some toothbrushes.

Who knows, maybe you can use this special technique next time you give your pooch a good belly rub! LOL! Don't miss out on watching these little guys get pampered by their owners!

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