(Video) Puppy Isn’t So Sure About Peanut Butter. Will He Conquer His Biggest Fear? Hilarious!

Reluctant Pup


He’s a cute little pup, Charlie by name, and he wants nothing more than to sleep, eat and please his owners. When they present him with something new, a tantalizing food he’s never tasted before, he is not quite sure what to make of it.

Labradors are known to be astute observers and Charlie is not an acceptation. Mommy is obviously offering him something out of love, a brownish paste that has a very interesting nutty smell but, oh my, what is a puppy to do?

Why is it in a human spoon? What if he eats it and gets sick? Where can he go to get more if he does like it?

There is so much to consider, and if you go over to the next page, you can watch Charlie’s thinking process on the video.

He may only be a puppy, but this encounter is huge!

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