(VIDEO) Sasha the Pug is on a Mission. When You Watch Her Have a Sniff Fest? So Cute!

Sasha the pug exploring

Nothing says happiness and freedom like a happy Pug running through a field! There is so much to sniff and explore and what about all of that fun green grass?! It's impossible to resist!

Meet Sasha the Pug! When you meet her, you will fall in love with the way she loves to explore her surroundings. Just watch her sniff the air and run through a beautiful field. She absolutely loves the freedom she has to run around in the great outdoors! And can you blame her? Running around and enjoying nature is fun for anyone!

You'll definitely want to see how this adorable pooch spends a fun day out in the open. In fact, after you watch Sasha have a ball you'll want to go off and explore with your own doggy too! LOL! Don't miss Sasha's day of adventure!

Watch Sasha the Pug have a fun day exploring the great outdoors on this fun video on the next page.

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