This Guy Just Set the Bar for Serious Relationship Goals by Giving His Girlfriend a Baby Pug


Some girls want flowers and chocolates. Others want clothes and diamonds. All Claire Halleran, a 21-year-old college student from Scotland, wanted was a pug puppy!

Can you blame her for wanting one of those furry, round-eyed little packages of doggy joy? We sure can’t but it was the sweet way her boyfriend told Claire what she was getting that is so precious!

Little Dwight the pug was too young to take away from his mother just yet so Claire’s boyfriend made his gal pal a card, with a picture of her pug on it — and told her it was hers!

We are not sure what the future holds for this cute pair, about to become a trio, but if his choice in presents mirrors his thoughtful nature than Claire is one lucky young lady! Check out some adorable photos on the next page!

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