(Video) Watch Two Pugs Twirl on the Dance Floor… and Love Every Moment!

kissing pugs

It's always fun to see two playful pups have a good time together. It's even more special when it involves two adorable Pugs in love!

That's right! Meet Minnie and Max! These two Pugs love spending time together and you can see it all in this video!

What do these two Pugs end up doing? You're going to love it! LOL!

They have their own version of a dance off and twirl together on the floor! It's truly impressive and looks like so much fun! LOL!

What's even more unique about this video is the amount of affection they show each other! You need to check these two out!

Watch Minnie and Max the Pugs enjoy the music on the dance floor on the video on the next page!

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