(VIDEO) This Doggie Hasn’t Seen His Owner in 2 Months. Now Watch Their Emotional Reunion!

dog hug

Are you always amazed at how your pooch gets extremely excited to see you even if you're gone for 5 minutes? It can be overwhelming sometimes! They just miss you so much! LOL!

Well, this loving pup hasn't seen his owner in two months! That's like a thousand days in dog years! LOL! When you see this amazing reunion between doggy and owner, you're going to tear up!

She has so much love for her owner. You can see it right away! She just won't let go of her daddy! LOL!

Trust me; this is a must watch emotional reunion! You'll remember it forever!

Watch how this surprised pooch reacts to seeing her owner after two months on the next page! This is SO heartwarming you can't miss it! 

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