(VIDEO) WARNING: Frenchie Puppy Playing With His Toy Will Steal Your Heart!

Frenchie puppy playing

Think about when you were little. You had a favorite toy or, like Linus in the Peanuts© cartoons you had a treasured blanket that you could not get enough of. It seems silly now but was very important to you when you were small.

Perhaps even now, in times of stress, your object keeps you secure and, when you are stress-free, it is a grand toy to see or  play with, whatever it might be!

On the next page, we have a sweet French bulldog puppy. He has his favorite plush toy, a whale, and like any child he’s not going to let it go too easily!

Just the vision of the puppy playing with his plush toy is too adorable for words but, like Linus, it seems to give the fun-loving Frenchie a jolt of security and who can dispute with that?

Go over and watch the cuteness on the video!

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