(Video) This Adorable Mixed Pug Really Enjoys Playing Fetch. Now Watch to See if She’ll Ever Get Tired Out!

nikko fetch

Alright dog lovers, it's time for your favorite doggy moment! LOL! It's safe to say that we all love an energetic and playful pooch.

On top of that Pugs are some of our favorite doggy breeds to watch. Well, what about a Pug mixed with a Shih Tzu? That's right! This unique Pug mix will blow you away with her playfulness!

Meet Nikko the friendly pooch. Some of her favorite things include playing fetch and…. did I mention playing a game of fetch? LOL!

There's no stopping Nikko from her endless game of fetch with her owner. She is just having too much fun! It must be the dual dog breeds in her! LOL!

Watch Nikko, the Pug, and Shih Tzu mix, play an endless game of fetch with her owner on the next page!

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