(VIDEO) This Mom Loves Playing With Her Baby Pug. When You See How How Much They Love One Another? ADORBS!

Pug mom and baby

Ah, the love of a mother and her child!

You can always tell when a Mommy doggie and her little baby are together, playing. There is an extra care and sweetness involved. Mama does not want to see her little one hurt during their frolic but she understands how important it is to keep her tiny one entertained!

And the puppy, in turn, wants Mama not to feel neglected. The charm is turned on full blast and, with barks and sniveling, these two are having the best time ever! And it's very apparent that they love one another very much!

There is also much more to see in this video on the next page, including a persnickety cat, a litter of the most adorable pups, and a sleepy pug with the cutest panting doggie smile – along with a somewhat slobbery tongue!

This video is packed full of all sorts of fun, so head on over to the next page and enjoy!

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