Watch How Dad Asks His Pug for a Hug. How She Responds? This is SO Adorable!

pug giving dad a hug

Having a bad day is never fun, but there's good news. If you choose to turn that frown upside down, you can do so by turning on a favorite television show, listen to an upbeat song, or call a friend. Or, spend some time with your doggy!

There's no doubt that your doggy has a special way to tug at your heart and make you smile, even when you're having a bad day. Sometimes just looking into those big brown eyes and giving your furry best friend a hug can make your day a better one.

Catching up on a television show while snuggling up next to your fur baby can not only do wonderful things for your mood but help your pooch feel closer to you.

The Dad on the video on the next page feels the same way. Whenever he's having a rough day, all he has to do is ask his Pug for a hug. How she hugs him back is beyond precious.

On the next page, watch this precious moment unfold when this dog Dad asks his Pug for a hug. This is unlike any dog hug you've ever seen before! 

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