(Video) This Pug Wants Back Inside. What She Does to Get Mom’s Attention? Priceless!

pug outside wants back inside

Even the most outdoors-loving pooches have to go back inside sometime! If you're a doggy owner, then you know when your pooch wants back in. They usually scratch at the door or bark to get your attention! LOL!

This funny Pug on the video on the next page does one funny thing to let her mommy know that it's time to get inside the house. When you see what she does, you'll be laughing out loud!

We've never seen a Pug act like this before! LOL! Will this silly pooch finally be let inside the house? There's only one way to find out! You need to watch this hilarious video!

Watch how one eager Pug shows her mom that it's time for her to go back inside the house on this humorous video on the next page!

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