(VIDEO) This Pug Thinks His Pug Friend is Dirty. Now Watch the Cutest Bath in History Take Place!

pug bath

We're pretty positive that you haven't seen anything quite like this before! When two dogs hang out, there's no telling what could happen! Two doggies mean twice the trouble, doesn't it? Or perhaps two doggies just mean twice the amount of love!

These two Pugs are hanging out like they usually do. However, one of the Pugs thinks his doggy friend needs to get cleaned up. What's a Pug to do?

Well, instead of waiting for their owner to give him a bath, this doggy takes matters into his paws. Watch what happens when this Pug decides to give his friend a bath! How is he able to get his furry pal cleaned up? You really need to see this video to believe it! LOL!

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