(Video) This Westie Adores Her Daddy. Now Watch to See How She Sweetly Gives Him Kisses… On Command!

westie gives kisses

When it comes to showing affection, doggies are pretty much the best at it! LOL! There is no limit to the hugs, tail wags, and kisses they'll give us to show us that they care. When doggies love someone, they aren't afraid to show it!

In this awesome video, one Westie knows exactly how to show her daddy how much she loves him! She gives him kisses on command! That's right!

This sweet girl lets her owner know just much she appreciates him and gives him slobbery kisses whenever he asks for them! LOL! You need to see how adorable she looks when she does it!

Watch how this doggy shows her owner how much she cares by kissing him on the heartwarming video on the next page!

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