(VIDEO) Watch How a Frenchie Rings a Bell for Treats. HILARIOUS!

frenchie bell

Teaching an eager pooch some fun tricks can be easy with the right treats! When a tasty snack is involved, any dog will be willing to jump through hoops to get a bite! LOL!

Well, this adorable Frenchie pup has figured out that it only takes a bell to get him a snack! Just watch how well trained this pooch is and what he does to get his treat.

Talk about a hilarious but cute dog! LOL! Pretty soon he will be communicating for all sorts of things with better bell practice! You need to see how smart this Frenchie is!

Watch how this adorable Frenchie puppy learns that ringing a bell gets him treats on the next page! You don't want to miss this entertaining and delightful video!

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