[VIDEO] When a Cute French Bulldog Puppy is Woken Up… You’ll Never Guess How This Cutie Responds!

French bulldog puppy on bed

Ugh! Mornings are such a drag! Getting out of our comfy beds and waking up from our sweet dreams to start our day is especially hard.

This cute French Bulldog puppy knows exactly how hard that is!

Watch how this little grumpy pup reacts when his mommy wakes him up. He just doesn't want to get dragged out of his little bed! What a grouchy pooch. LOL!

As angry as he is, Barnabee the Frenchie is still too cute for words. His growls and angry barks will have you laughing. It's impossible to be that scary when he's so tiny and furry! Nice try Barnabee.

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