When a Pug Wants His Food NOW, and He isn’t Afraid to Show it – LOL!

pug screaming

Oh my! When any dog is hungry, they can make it quite obvious to us in their own special way. They bark, beg, howl or even bring their bowl over to you so show you that it's time to eat! You know better than to deny them their food too! LOL! I'm sure you can relate if you have a very hungry pooch that's often by your side too!

Well, this crazy pug has a very funny and loud way of telling his owners that he wants his kibbles NOW! You'll laugh at Moses the pug and how he reacts to dinner time. LOL! There's no denying Moses, he needs his dinner right away, and he'll do anything to show his owners who rules the house! Haha.

Watch Moses the pug show his crazy side when he tries to tell his owners that it's dinner time on the next page. This cute pug has a little bit of an attitude, to say the least! LOL!

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