Why Does My Dog Always Follow Me Around?

pug and human together

Of course, we want Rover and Max to be our best buds, to be our companions when all others have run off to work and band practice, but there is only so much togetherness we can take! Is there a way to keep the dog from being so clingy?

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Following You So Much

If you feel the need for space between you and your dog, here are a few tips that may help, according to The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook:

Make sure your dog gets at least 30 minutes of solid exercise daily.
Work on commands (sit, stay, come, etc.).

Leave your dog with a tasty distraction, such as a Kong toy stuffed with a food treat.

If you have a truly “Velcro” dog — who never, ever leaves your side — A Better Life With Your Dog suggests starting to pay less attention to your pet. This seems insensitive, but it may be better for you and your pet in the long run.

Let Your Dog Sleep Next to You

You may be able to lessen his attachment to you by getting your dog a comfortable bed of his own. Place the bed on the floor beside your bed.

Your clingy dog is a family member who needs a little reassuring that you’ll be there for her.

Check out Petful for more information on this topic.

Again, a little independence from your dog is a good thing. It makes those runs to the store or a movie a little less hectic and, when it is time to vacation, you do not feel so bad when letting the dog sitter take care of Rover – or when having him boarded.

Of course, you also have the worry about how you feel when you feel you’ve abandoned your precious fur child – but that is an issue for another article. LOL!

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