Why Your Friends Don’t Like Your Furry Friend and How You Can Change That

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Why can't your friend like your pooch?! If you're taking it personally, it's understandable, but take a look at the situation from their perspective. If you look at the situation objectively you may find you're not picking up after your dog, which is driving your neighbor (aka best friend) nuts. Pick up after your pooch and maybe your friend will want to come over more often!

Teach your fur baby to behave around friends and family members as About Home suggests and chances are they will come around. Once they see how well behaved your pooch is, they'll learn to like him and perhaps even love him as much as you do!

1) You Don’t Pick Up After Your Dog:
It sounds simple, but some people still don’t do it. Just pick up your dog’s poop! Stepping in dog poop is seriously disgusting and annoying. Respect your neighbors and help keep your community clean. Pick up your dog’s poop — every single time.

2) Your Dog Barks Excessively:
Yes, dogs will bark. Sometimes the barking is useful to alert us to danger or to scare off a threat. However, excessive barking is a problem. Your neighbors do not need to hear your dog barking on and on.

3) You Don’t Have Control of Your Dog:
It’s pretty frustrating to watch someone struggle with an unruly dog. It’s even worse to be the person who has to deal with someone else’s out-of-control dog.

4) Your Dog Invades the Personal Space of Others:
Not everyone wants to pet your dog. Many people are annoyed by a dog that is jumping up, licking, pawing, crotch-sniffing, begging or otherwise invading their personal space.

5) Your Dog Destroys Property
Some dogs are destructive. They might chew furniture, shoes or other items. They also might dig up gardens and flower beds. Destructive behavior may be caused by fear, anxiety (such as separation anxiety) or simply restless energy. However, when your dog destroys property belonging to other people, you have a real problem on your hands.

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