This Rare Silver Pug Will Take Your Breath Away – He’s a Keeper, That’s for Sure!

silver pug

Have you ever seen a silver pug? I sure haven't! I bet you didn't even know there was such a thing!

Silver pugs are very rare to find. Now you'll get the chance to meet an adorable silver pug named Smokey! Watch him grow from a puppy to a full grown dog in two minutes on today's video.

Throughout the video, he goes on a ton of fun adventures! You'll have a good time watching him grow throughout the video as he experiences many things for the first time!

Just wait until you see what Smokey does when he's on the grass for the first time! Hilarious! Smokey is one curious and irresistibly cute pug, and you can see for yourself on the next page!

Meet Smokey, a rare silver pug, after the break!

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