(VIDEO) Frenchie Dad and Baby Get Into a Heated Argument. Now Watch How Dad Puts the Little One in His Place!

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Doggies sometimes can't resist misbehaving. If you think it's bad when they misbehave against their human owners, then you should see how badly they misbehave against their parents! LOL!

In this video, one adorable Frenchie puppy gets a little feisty with his dad! As they begin to get into a heated argument, this responsible Frenchie dad gets his baby to behave in a funny way! LOL!

You need to see how he puts his baby back in his place! There has never been a more adorable argument against a doggy father and son than this one! If you don't believe me, watch for yourself!

This Frenchie dad puts his baby into place after a heated argument on the video on the next page! This is too funny to miss!

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