(VIDEO) Frenchie is Sitting on His Dad’s Lap Holding Something Special. What His Dad Has Him Play? I Still Can’t Stop Smiling!

Frenchie playing instrument

We have seen all those videos online where we’ve seen pups sing, keep time, and even dance a little but have you ever seen a dog play a musical instrument?

It may be karaoke style, and his daddy does need to help him – but is still a very talented Frenchie who is also very laid back as he rests on his dad's lap, acting very Zen!

No, this is no mad rocker with the stomping, loud music, mosh pits and gibberish for lyrics. This little guy is a storyteller, and his music reflects his mood!

Check out the next page and watch this artist in action. It’s a concert just for doggy fans and will make you smile for hours!

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