(Video) Lonely Pug Desperately Calls Out… What Happens Next Floors Us!


His name is Hurricane and if a name is part of a description this one probably is the most accurate ever! He’s a happy and energetic pooch who wants to remain close with his fantastic family.

He is so close to his human family members that when left alone, even if only for a short time, he begins to feel a little rejected.

We are not sure what happened. Maybe he was taking a nap and the family stepped out for lunch. But what we do know is Hurricane is not above letting anyone who may still be in the house understand that he is lonely!

And the WAY he voices his disdain is – well – loud. Some might even call it a scream. – but it is hilarious!

After the break go on over to the next page. Watch this short video featuring Hurricane, a rather unhappy pug who wants everyone, particularly a well-positioned camera, know he is very unhappy!

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