(VIDEO) Pug is Sitting in a Comfy Dog Bed. When Another Pug Decides He Wants It? Watch This Comical Scene and LOL!


Dogs can be territorial creatures as we know. And if there are two dogs who want the same thing? You better watch out! In fact, one dog watching another dog – or any animal for that matter play with THEIR toys or walk on THEIR turf is grounds for trouble.

Let's face it; doggies are basically toddlers when it comes to sharing. Some dogs react with growling, barking, or other may make other declarations to get the other animal to move stat. Some just become sulky, and decide to act offended by suffering in silence in another room.

So what’s a Pug to do when there’s another Pug in his bed?

Take a look at the video on the next page to watch a hilarious showdown of how one Pug handles his competition!

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