(Video) Pug Puppy Wants on a Motorcycle and Then the Unthinkable Happens


This pug wants a ride on the motorcycle and what happens next will make you crack up!

Little kids just want to do everything that everyone else is doing. This pug puppy is no exception, and it is the best thing you may see all day. When he finally gets on, what happens will have you laughing so hard.

Even though it is extremely hard not to laugh, you will still find yourself feeling bad for the poor little puppy at the same time.

In fact, you will be cheering him on the entire time. It might even make you wish you could help him. No matter what, though, just thinking about this will have smiling and chuckling all day long!

Watch what happens to a pug puppy who just wants a ride on a motorcycle on the video after the break. 

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