(Video) The Love Story Between an Octopus and Baby Pug is Adorable in So Many Ways!


It's safe to say that for the most part, everyone has someone to call a best friend. Whether it's a fellow pet, a family member, or even a stuffed toy, there's always someone or something to confide in!

For one baby Pug, an octopus toy is all he needs. Get ready to meet the cutest doggy on the internet.

When you see how much he loves his toy octopus, your heart will melt. If there's anything cuter than these two, we beg you to show us!

LOL! If you're in the mood to fall in love with a tiny puppy, then this is the video for you!

Watch what happens when one Pug pup befriends an octopus on the video on the next page!

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