(Video) Get Ready to Die a Little Inside While Watching This Tiny Pug Sit in Her Mom’s Hand! AWW!

pug hand

A tiny pooch that fits in your hand or even your pocket is absolutely irresistible. How are they able to stay so tiny for so long?! LOL!

It sure makes the thought of carrying tiny Pugs with you at all times very tempting! Though, most Pugs aren't that quite small, LOL!

Well, this little pooch is tiny enough to fit in her mom's hand. You can witness this tender moment and fall in love!

Trust me, the way this pup looks nestled comfortably in her momma's hands is just too cute. If only your full-grown pooch would fit in your hand! LOL! You can't miss this!

Check out how this adorable Pug can fit and hang out in her mom's hand on the video on the next page! This is too sweet to miss!

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